Latest Church Update 19.07.2022

A message from Rev Alex Lavin to all Church Members

As a church we are very aware that whilst the legal restrictions that have been in place over the last 18 months are being removed, the ongoing advice from Government and Public Health Officials is to continue wearing masks in indoor spaces where groups gather. We were also conscious of Jesus’ commandment to us; ‘love one another as I have loved you’. Together, we discussed how we might show that we love and care for our friends and neighbours, our worshipping community, and those who are vulnerable or anxious, at this stage of the pandemic.   

My suggestion is to ‘go slowly’ – we are all desperate to throw our masks away, none of us want to prolong anyone’s discomfort but in loving one another, we need to make sure that the most vulnerable amongst us are as safe as possible.

We don’t wear masks to protect ourselves, we wear them to protect those around us – at the moment, I believe that encouraging people to continue wearing masks in church was the most loving thing we could do. We clearly can’t ‘require’ people to continue to wear masks in church but we are encouraging people to do so.

We have also decided that as singing with a mask on isn’t that easy, we’ve decided not to sing hymns in church over the summer.   I am really sorry that I don’t  feel able to go further at this stage, but to love one another is to reduce the risk that this disease presents, particularly to those who are vulnerable. To rush forward would mean excluding those who, for very good reasons, are still exercising extra caution.

God bless and keep you all safe.

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